Will fight on streets against YSRC


The BJP and Jana Sena combine will fight against the Government and come on to the streets said Pawan Kalyan and Kanna Laxminarayna. One-sided decision of the YSRC in the form of a dictator is not acceptable and there should be a consensus for cashing the capital they said.

The decisions on Polavaram and PPAs were stalled and the same fashion the Amaravathi decision will also be stalled they opined.

In the name of the brute majority, YSRC cannot take unilateral decisions they stated. The BJP and Jana Sena are wedded for the development of all the districts in general they explained.

The BJP and Janasena will fight in the next general election sand come to power they said. If the Court is shifted to Kurnool, it cannot become a capital Pawan Kalyan opined.

If the High Court is shifted Kurnool will have all the importance they opined. But that does not mean it can be deemed to become a capital he explained.

We have buried the difference and have resolved to travel together he stated. There was consensus for Amaravathi, but there is no unanimity for 3 capitals they said.

The PM Modi is for developing AP in a big way explained Pawan Kalyan. What happened to a special status, let the TDP and YSRC explain he said. Will work together from local to General elections they said.