Will Bandla Ganesh help or ditch Vishnu?


Bandla Ganesh the actor and producer can change colours like a chameleon. Bandla announced that he will be supporting the Prakash Raj panel in the MAA elections to be held on October 10nth.

But he ditched Prakash Raj and wants to become a general secretary on his own. There are rumours that soon he will be joining the Manchu Vishnu panel if he is offered or ensured the general secretary post.

Using the name of Mega family and ditching people left and right he has come to this stage. Who knows the mega family could be using him to ditch Vishnu finally.

The right strategy for Vishnu would be to keep Bandla Ganesh away from his panel. Bandla can contest on his own. Bandla treats the Chiru family as gods and they are supporting Prakash Raj.

Bandla cannot say no to Chiranjeevi and the mega family. If Chiranjeevi wants, Bandla will withdraw from the election. So Bandla Ganesh will change many colours even before the polling day.

Right now all the groups contesting the elections are giving parties and luring the voters as if it is a general election. Around 900 members will vote for the elections.