Wifes of Venkateshwara Swamy fight for Brahmamgari peetam

BrahmamGari Matam

Two wives of Venkateshwara Swamy the chief of BrahmamGari Matham are fighting for the inheritance of Peetadipathi post to their sons. As per tradition the son of the first wife will get the post of Matam.

But the second wife is claiming the post to her minor son. The second wife has also made a formal complaint to the AP DGP. The Matam is located in Kadapa.

The controversy has been brewing for the last one month. The second wife is threatening the family of the first wife for the post. The police have imposed 144 section at the matam in Kadapa.

The pontiffs of various peetams from the Telugu states have reached Kadapa and trying to make a compromise between the two ladies. According to the traditions the elder son of the first wife will get the post.

But the second wife is also claiming for the post. The Pontiffs camping in Kadapa are hopeful that they will resolve the issue within two days. Brahmamgari preaching are popular across the world and he has predicted the future of the world hundreds of years ago.