Things and situations in the country are slowly tilting towards Modi the Prime Minister and the NDA for the coming elections. We can say its advantage Modi in the coming elections. The very fact that Mulayam Singh Yadav the father Akhilesh has given a clean chit to Modi and endorsed that the BJP would come to power shows it all. Mulayam Singh made this statement on the floor of the house in the Parliament, and that has come as a rude shock to the opposition.

On the other hand, the opposition is unable to gang up under the Congress party. The very fact that the Congress is left out in Uttar Pradesh by the SP and BSP is a clear indication that the Congress cannot become the single largest and party in the coming elections.

UP will be the key factor for any party to come to power. The seats in UP get divided between the opposition and it will become an advantage to the BJP here.

We can say that Rahul and the Congress are out of the race for the PM post in 2019. Prashant Kishore who is with Nitish Kumar also has endorsed that the BJP will be coming to power again. He also said that Nitish Kumar will not be claiming for the post of the Prime Minister. Mamata, on the other hand, is mobilising the support of the opposition and has conducted rallies in Kolkata and Delhi successfully. AP CM Chandrababu is with her.

Now it has to be seen what will the Telangana CM do to forge a Federal front against the Congress and the BJP. He was baning on Mamata, but she is with Chandrababu already. Will Mayawati accept Mamata as the PM candidate is another issue. Even Mayawati wants to become the Prime Minister.

With opposition running in different directions and people like Mulayam supporting Modi for next term, it is advantage BJP and it would Narendra Modi for the PM post again.