Telangana elections

The 5th MLC seat in the Telangana elections has become the talk of the town. There is a huge demand for that seat from the Congress party leaders. The leaders who lost the Assembly elections now want to get this seat.

The TRS, on the other hand, has numbers to get only 4 seats but it has given the 5th seat to MIM and the ruling party says they will win all the 5 seats.

It is reported that some Congress leaders are trying to influence Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief through Chandrababu Naidu. There are reports that parties are also trying to woo the TDP leaders to get some votes for the 5th seat.

Both the TRS and also the Congress leaders are trying to get connected to TDP for the same. Who is going to get the 5th seat is big suspense. The TRS has been in a position to convince the other parties in making the speaker and Deputy speaker post in a unanimous fashion.

But there will be no compromise on this 5th MLC seat. It has become a hot seat for discussion.

Marri Sashidhar Reddy the son of former Chief Minister Marri Chenna Reddy is trying the MLC seat through Chandrababu that the TDP would support him and that he will win the same.

Lunch and dinner meetings are going on for this MLC seat from all the parties.

But the Kingmaker KCR has his own strategy there is a chance that he might lure some Congress MLAs to vote for the MIM and then come into the TRS and later become ministers in the next cabinet expansion.

This might work out for the TRS and MIM might get the MLC seat it looks like.