Where is Vijayashanti the lady Amitabh of Tollywood and the sister of KCR ?People say she is failing miserably in politics and trying to bite more than that she can chew?

It is learnt that the BJP cadres here in Telangana are trying to take her back into the party fold as she is very popular here as Ramulamma and has also won as an MP from Medak. She was very close to Vidyasagar Rao the senior BJP leader and Governor and knows Advani from close quarters. But later she drifted here and now landed in Temilnadu.
 Where is the lady Amitabh
People say that Vijashanthi has decided to quit Telugu politics. It is reported that recently she met Sasikala in jail . Vijashanthi also campaigned for  T.Dhinakaran for R.K.Nagar by-poll before it was postponed. But the response for Vijayasahnti was very luke warm .

Lady Amitabh Vijashanthi plunged into politics when her career in films was at its peak. She joined the BJP and later floated a party in Telangana during the agitation for separate statehood . She merged her party into TRS and won the elections as an MP from Medak.
 Where is the lady Amitabh
Later broke up with the TRS and joined congress but failed miserably. She lost in that elections and after three years she decided to say goodbye to politics of Telangana. But there could be another opportunity here as she is very popular in the Telugu states.
Where is the lady AmitabhWhat will she do in Tamil Politics is another question. As far as politics are concerned she will be looked down as an opportunist running from pillar to post for the survival. The present idea of BJP could be to use her against KCR in the near future as she moved very close to him in the name of sister.