When will they open the Gyms


People who are dependent on Gyms are in deep trouble. Most of he the Gyms are in rented premises and they unable to pay the rents.

Teh trainers in the Gyms are not getting the salaries. Trainers, dieticians and other employees are dependent on these Gyms. But the Government is bothered as how to maintain physical distance in the Gyms.

The temples and Malls are open, but when will they allow the Gyms is the question. The Corona caws are going up, and one has to allow around 40 people in the Gyms.

How will they maintain the Gyms is the big questions. Films stars Rakul Preet sing and others are running the Gyms. Ramchanrans wife Upasana is also running a Gym.

People who are accustomed to workouts in Gyms want to go back to Gyms as they also help in keeping good health. Workout sin Gys also help in developing the immunity in the body.

If people can run hotels, we can run the Gyms also with precautions say the owner of Gyms. Some of them are unable to pay the power bills also.

So it is better if the Government give relief to the Gyms also.