When will Pawan agitate?

pawan kalyan


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who was supposed to do a long march along with BJP for the sake of farmers of Amaravathi is busy with the shooting of Pink. Along with Pink remake, he is doing two other movies also.

Shruti Hasan has been selected for the third movie of Pawan being done by Harish Shankar.

Pawan Kalyan who was supposed to agitate for the sake of retaining Amaravathi as the capital of Andhra Pradesh is right now looking for the direction from the BJP.

It is almost like he would be working under the direction of BJP only. He will not take any decisions on his own for the sake if Jana Sena. He said that there is no merger of Jana Sena with the BJP, but he has surrendered to the BJP.

The BJP, on the other hand, has said that the state government has the right to chose its own capital. The TDP has earlier notified and now it is for the YSRC to issue a GO.

That means there is no questioning of agitating against the YSRC decision of 3 capitals. In one way Pawan Kalyan is relieved that he has joined the BJP for the time being.

His brother Chiranjeevi also merged Prajarajyam with Congress and almost said Goodbye to politics. Who knows Pawan might also merge the party with BJP and forget about politics. All he needs is a hit.