What Ravi Teja did is wrong...

What ever could be the reason Ravi Teja the hero and his family members should have come for the funeral of Bharat their own blood relation and family member. Leaving the cremation to an extra artists is inhuman. It looks like there is no humanity left in the family. Your brother is dead and you are nursing the differences. This is completely wrong. What kind of message are you giving to the society being a hero.

When a person dies all kinds of his misdeeds should be forgotten.

It is reported that Ravi and Bharat have not been in the pink of relationship for a long time. Bharat has been a regular offender and has been booked by the police a few times over the years. His brother’s public image worried Ravi and this is exactly why he maintained a safe distance from him and never wanted to associated himself with anything that has to do with Bharat.

 What Ravi Teja did is wrong...

For strange reasons, Ravi Teja didn’t attend the funeral of his brother nor did he even come to pay respects to his mortal remains. When we did some digging, we found out what could be the reason behind Ravi’s decision to skip attending the funeral.

Actor Bharat, popularly known as Telugu star Ravi Teja’s brother, passed away in a tragic car accident on Saturday night in Hyderabad. While the exact reason for the accident still remains a mystery, as police haven’t ruled out drunken driving as a probably cause, he was given a teary send off, amid close friends and family members.