What next for Icon Allu Arjun?


After Ala Vaikuntapurmulo Allu Arjun the Icon star has been busy with Pushpa his first Pan India movie being directed by Sukumar. Allu Boy has earlier announced a movie with Koratala Siva, but the latest is that Shiva has opted for NTR.

While Trivikram has opted for Mahesh Babu. Then what is the future for Allu Arjun is the question. Allu has announced a movie called Icon long back.

He was branded as an Icon star by Sukumar recently during the launch of Pushpa Trailer. Now all the stars are opting for Pan Indian movies after Prabhas started Pan India movies and demanding a remuneration of around 100 crores per movie.

Allu Arjun has always been a shrewd star guided by his father Allu Aravind of Geeta Arts. Now we do not know why Allu boy opted out of the Koratala movie.

Koratala has been hanging around Chirnajeevi and Ramcharan for Acharya. We do not know if Acharya would be delayed because of Corona. Meanwhile, Koratla will start his venture with NTR.

Now NTR has become free from RRR and has a lot of expectations on it.