Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that the idea of mission Bageeradha is to give water to every house hold in the state from Krishna and Godvari basins. The tap water will be supplied to every house and the women need not walk form pillar to post for the water he stated.

Taking about the power plants KCR said that the TS Government is all set to provide water and power to the people for the state from time to time he said. He thanked the PM for coming and launching the programs for water , power and fertilisers here in the state.

He also thanked the PM for the new railway line here in the state. The line is from Hyderabad and Karimnagar. This has been the dream since my child hood the CM said. All the projects amount to around 70000 crore the CM stated.

You are running a corruption free government , KCR complimented the PM. The people have recognised the corruption free rule here in the country he said. He showered praises here for the PM Modi from time to time. We need more blessings from the PM and Ministers at the centre he said.

Except Hyderabad all other districts here are backward the CM said. He thanked the PM for the financial assistance to all the districts. You gave me a pat for TS earlier and I thank you for the same he said. I am a responsible CM and I would request you to give all the love and blessings for the state he requested. We will participate in the National building process KCR assured.

Please give us a National project KCR urged. We also want a IIM and a medical institute he requested.