We give fake collections and cheat the public

C Kalyan

C Kalyan one of the popular producers today explained to Minister perni Nani that they give fake collection figures in crores to cheat the public. That will force them to see the movie he said.

He and some other producers and exhibitors were meeting the minister to resolve the issues being faced by the Cine industry. They wanted the ticket price to be hiked.

But the Government, on the other hand, has announced that it would set up a website to book the tickets online so that there will be no black marketing.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi and others were supposed to meet the CM Jagan. But that Minister Perni Nani has met some producers and exhibitors to explain the Government point of view.

Here Kalyan tried to impress upon the Minister that the Film Industry was not collecting big numbers and that was to cheat the public to draw them to the box office.

He gave the example of Jathiratnalu where the investment was low, but the collections were very high.