ktr minister

Before jumping into politics I was just a private employee revealed K Taraka Rama Rao the Minister for IT and Municipal Administration. He was speaking at the MCHRD today in a session of training the Government employees.

KTR said that he was of the opinion that the mindset of the Government employees would change, after some years. But it is not changing he said. Only a few are changing and are working with the dedication he explained.

Talking about the Disha Rape and murder case, like every citizen I also want the culprits to be hanged, my heart is also burning he said. As a Minister I cannot express the same opinion as all other general public he explained.

KTR said that the matter was being dealt in the fast track case and the rapists will get the punishment at the earliest. He suggested that the Officials working for the government must dedicate themselves for the welfare of the people in general.

They must sacrifice their lives for the development of Nation and also the state that they are working for he suggested.