Wardrobe malfunction is a common feature in the movie world. Both men and women face this issue. while the men can get away with it the ladies will have a problem if they are clicked and these days the photos go viral in seconds.

Ankita the former beauty queen, who had participated in the ‘Miss India International’ event in 2011, drew the media’s attention when she arrived at the inauguration of a gym in Mumbai.

The actress was in a jovial mood at the fitness center and even lifted a few weights to show off her bubbly side. However, as a result, Ankita’s dress wasn’t exactly made for fitness regimes and her curves were bared to the ever-waiting shutterbugs.

Similarly during the fashion shows we see ladies dropping the bras by mistake as they are not properly made and fixed. It is reported that some times they do it deliberately to grab the eye balls and also the media coverage.