Wanted to resign to the BJP: Raja Singh

Raja Singh

I have offered to resign to the BJP for sake of Hindu Dharma and also for the protection of the cow stated Raja Singh the BJP MLA. He was addressing a meeting of Gau Raksha Samithi here at Indira Park today.

Raja Singh said that for him Hindu Dharma comes first and then comes the Raksha of the Gau matha that is cow. He was prepared to resign to the BJP but the party men stopped him as there would be no MLA left for the party.

He opined that if we don’t protect the Cow then we have to go to Zoo park to see it and explain the children that this is Cow and that cow milk is very healthy.

He advised the people to see that cows are not slaughtered for the sake of eating beef. This has to be stopped he suggested. Raja Singh saved several cows from slaughtering and handed them over to the police .

Raja said that he was prepared to go to any extent for the sake of Cow. He is prepared to go against the party also for the protection of the cow in particular and Hindu dharma in general.