us green card

If you want to get a green card to work and live in USA permanently, then you have to wait for more than 151 years to be precise.The casto Institute a US-based think tank has made these calculations it is reported. People with good education and advanced degrees will have no other option but wait for another 150 years. That is the reality.


The US citizenship and immigration services has released the names of such people who could qualify for the same but have to wait for 150 years. These figures are based on the statistics of the year 2017.There are around 6 lakh applicants waiting to get the green cards or legal permanent residency cards it is learnt.

At the same time, the highest rating is EB 1 that is employment based 1 who are having extraordinary ability. They have to wait for another 6 years to get the green card according to the agency. Seeing this report the ordinary people will get disappointed and some may not get qualified for the permanent resident’s category.