Vundavalli finds fault with Jagan

Babu suffering with inferiority complex and insecurity feelings


Vundavalli Arun Kumar the former MP found fault with the behaviour of Jaganmohan Reddy the Andhra Pradesh CM. Arun said that he is unable to digest the way Jagan Mohan Reddy was behaving with the officials and their decisions.

Arun opined that castes have always been there and that Reddys supported congress and Kammas supported the TDP. Politics and castes cannot be seen separately he opined.

Jagan is not acting in the right way he said. The Government of AP is not trying to pacify the farming community he stated. Jagan has not completed even the first year let us see the future he suggested.

Despite Corona the financial condition of the state is not up to the mark he explained. The CN should not speak in the name of caste creed and community.

Even Kammas are with the YSRC, why should we talk against the caste in person he said. People know that this is Reddy Government. We must come out what is right and wrong Arun suggested.

Overall he is not happy with the way YSRC Government is taking decisions. He said that the CM must think twice before h talks on castes. After the budget I will give mu opinion on the Government he said.

YSR is the father of Jagan and I cannot go completely against the YSRC Government he explained.