Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President of India is hovering around AP and landing in Hyderabad. Most of his functions are in AP or in Hyderabad and finally coming to Banjara Hills Road number 12 and blocking the road from the left side.

Like Bandaru Dattatreya who was called as the Union Minister for Hyderabad, Venkaiah is also in Hyderabad most of the time and recently he got a bypass done. It could be due to health reasons also.

VP for Telugu states

The VP should have things to done or functions to attend in other states also. But most of the time he is at his residence during weekends or in AP in the company of CM Chandrababu praising him all the time.

Not that he is doing any mistake but he must look at other states also so that he will be covering the entire India in the near future.

Now the people are comparing him with Dattatreya who was also earlier hovering around Hyderabad and confining himself to ribbon cuts all the time.