Vote for BJP campaigns Asaduddin Owaisi


Asaduddin Owaisi the MIM chief told the Telugu people to vote for BJP. But he also clarified that the people must vote for BJP for the parliament elections and not the local elections.

The people who heard the MIM chief talk for the BJP were surprised. But he clarified that it is for the parliament elections. He wanted the Marwadis and Sindhis to vote for MIM during the local elections and for the BJP in the parliament elections.

Is he suggesting that they should not vote for him when he is contesting for the parliament from the Hyderabad constituency? The MIM will win around 40 seats, but it is not a cakewalk this time for the MIM.

Some Muslims are also talking against the MIM this time. Akabaruddin the LOP and the MLA is talking in his usual aggressive style, but Asaduddin is talking in a requesting fashion.

The TRS is nowhere in the old city. They have left the maidan open to MIM. The TRS is contesting all the seats in old city for the division of Hindu votes so that the MIM wins easily here.

Rajasingh the MLA from BJP is giving the MIM a tough time here. The visit of Amit Shah the Home Minister to Bhagyalaxmi Temple has made a good impact on the people of the Old city.

The polling is on December one.