Vivekananda Reddy’s Mysterious Letter


#VivekanandaDeath: Have A Look At Suspicious Letter

The mysterious murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy has turned up the political heat in Andhra Pradesh. But at the scene of a crime, the clues team have recovered a letter claiming it to be written by Vivekananda. In that letter, the decease has mentioned that driver Prasad has assaulted him and it took a lot of effort to write the letter.

The Special Investigation Team is also probing the case as per the letter and is said to have taken driver and servants of Vivekananda’s residence into their custody. However, Vivekananda’s grandson Abhishek Reddy has said a different version.

He claimed that he got a call around 6 AM on Friday that Vivekananda was lying lifeless in the bathroom. “As soon as I reached, people around there confirmed me that he is no more. I was shocked for about five minutes and after that informed Vivekananda’s daughter in Hyderabad. When we tried to remove the body, we noticed knife wounds on the back of his head. Then we came to the conclusion that he was killed,” Abhishek Reddy.

He added that they did not discover any letter sort off in the room or washroom. Ideally, the police will discover the actual information. The police informed that they have discovered few couples of fingerprints and dependent on that the investigation carried out.