Falaknumadas was the movie which introduced Vishwksen to Tollywood. He became popular overnight. But due to his extra talk, he could not surge forward.

Now when the people in the industry are taking a breather because of Corona, Viswak is coming with a movie called Paagal meaning mad. Some technicians who worked for Arjun Reddy movie are now with Paagal it is reported.

The pooja has been done and they are waiting for the right time to start the shooting. It could be next month or after that depending upon the Corona effect.

Naresh K is the director of this movie. Manikandan the DOP who worked for the movie HIT is again coming for Falaknumadas. The unit is scouting for a new lady to play the leading role.

Radan is the music director for this movie. He has done Arjun Reddy also. Let’s hope Vishwak will get a hit again.