Anasuya Vijayashanthi


Anasuya the character actor who got an opportunity to work with Chiranjeevi megastar has lost the same now. Koratala Shiva has identified Anasuya for a role in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s movie.

But after the reunion of Chiranjeevi and Vijaysahnti now they are waiting to work together. It is reported that Chiranjeevi has suggested Vijayshanti in place of Anasuya for the role.

It is almost confirmed thatnowVijaysahnti will work with Chiranjeevi in his latest movie. We can say that it is bad luck to Anasuya. Chiranjeevi was so thrilled to meet Vijaysahanti in the function of Sarileru Neekevvaru for Mahesh Babu.

When Vijaysahnti asked him if he would like to work again with her, Chiranjeevi replied why not. The result is that she would be working with Chiranjeevi for Koratala.

Earlier Vijaysahnti has worked for about 20 movies with the megastar and most of them were super-duper hits.