There is a lot of speculation in the political circles as to who would become the CM of AP if Jaganmohan Reddy the CM of AP goes to jail. There is a talk that Jagan might go to jail in the ED cases.

From Friday onwards Jaganmohan Reddy has to attend the CBI court in Hyderabad for various cases. ED is one of them. There are speculations that Jagan might go to jail in the near future.

People are talking in political corridors that Jagan is grooming someone for the Chief Minister post if he is not around. It could be his mother, wife or sister.

But there is also a talk that Vijaysai is also aiming for the high post with the help of BJP.


There is a chance that Vijay Sai might get in touch with Amit Shah and also the PM Modi to reach the pinnacle. All these speculations will only come true if at all Jagan goes to the Jail.

The TDP leaders are hopeful that YSRC Government would be in trouble if Jagan goes to Jail. All said and done it looks like, it is for all the advantage of the BJP.

The BJP may put their own man from the YSRC as the CM candidate if at all Jagan goes to Jail.