Vijay as police officer soon


City Police commissioner Anjani Kumar and hero Vijay Devarkona had an interaction with the police who were on duty during the lockdown. The police had several questions for Vijya and he answered them with all the patience.

Vijay assured the police on duty that he would be acting as a police officer if there was a good script. He praised the efforts of the police for doing the duty when the people are sitting at home in the name of lockdown.

He was ready to come out and request the people, to see that the observer the lockdown perfectly. He also advised the police that they must not use the lathis when he is coming out.

But he also stated that KCR has advised the people not to come out and hat it implies to him also even though he is a hero. He told the police that his mother does not require his help and she is of the opinion that the work increases with his participation and involvement.

Self-discipline is the best way he opined. Work is the only way to beat the depression he explained. I love the work that is acting and it keeps me occupied and there is no question of any Depression he explained.

CP Anjani Kumar and his police thanked Vijay for talking to them and giving them a pet talk.