V Hanumanth Rao

V Hanumanth Rao the senior leaders from the Congress party suggested that Revanth Reddy the Congress MP should not link his land deals to the Congress party. He also advised the followers of Revanth not to make Hungama over the 111 Go.

Hanumanth Rao suggested that the issue can be discussed in the party forum and if there is any problem in real, the party will standby the leader.

One should not link the personal issues wiht the party post he suggested. Jagga Reddy the MLA from Sangareddy who is also aspiring to become the party President also found fault with the attitude of Revanth.


He also wanted the followers of Revanth to keep quiet and not make the personal issue into political issues. If Revanth was really being targetted then the party will definitely come to his rescue he assured.

But one must not make personal things into political issues and create a Drama he said. Revanth is also from the party and there are leaders who were affiliated to the party since decades he said.

Hanumanth Rao also said that the other leaders in the party were looking at the attitude of Revanth from time to time.