Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao expressed his happiness that the Engineers in the Tworks were able to design a new ventilator with less cost.

Taking the Corona into serious account there is a scarcity of ventilators and we in the country were importing the vents. Now that the Telangana works have invented a low cost and efficient ventilator it will go a long way.

The central government and the medical department is also looking into the Ventilator designed by the Telangana Government. Now the same would be manufactured in a big way taking the help of organisations like Qualcomm and others.

Ther is a huge demand for ventilators across the world. If we can make them in large numbers it will help in generating big business as well as saving lives in a big way.

KTR appreciated the efforts of the Engineers from the T works and said that we must manufacture them in a big way.