Vice President Venkaiah Naidu demanded that Pakistan must handover Pakistan occupied Kashmir that is POK. Perhaps this is the biggest statement that the Vice President of India has made in open after taking over the post.

After removing the article 370, now the Vice President has suggested the government that it must take back the POK. He also made it clear that the issue of Kashmir is internal and we do not need any interference of other countries or leaders. Kashmir is an integral part of India and we will discuss only POK with Pakistan Venkaiah clarified.

We are not mongers, and Indians are peace-loving citizens clarified Venkaiah. The Vice President was speaking at Visakhapatanam today oat Naval Science and Technology Lab.

Earlier Rajnath Singh the defence Minister also made it amply clear that India will discuss only on POK with Pakistan and nothing else. The Union Ministers also clarified that don’t need Trump the American President to interfere in this matter.

Prime Minister Modi also clarified with the media in front of US President Trump that India does not need the interference of any other Nation in this issue. It is bilateral and both nations would resolve the issue of Kashmir with talks.

On the other hand, Pakistan has quoted Rahul Gandhi, where he wrote that people are dying in Kashmir and that there was no peace in Kashmir. Pakistan has quoted the lies of Rahul Gandhi. He wrote this to UNHRC.

Now Pakistan is using Rahul’s quote to corner the Indian Government. Radio Pakistan has used the remarks of Rahul on 370 which went against Indian government.