Venkaiah Naidu the Vice- President of India said that his decision to reject the motion of impeachment against the CJI was right and it was not done in haste as alleged by the opposition. The decision was taken after month-long deliberation with the legal luminaries he explained.

I am satisfied and I have done my job Venkaiah clarified. I have fulfilled the responsibility in right manner he explained. The decision was taken in accordance with the norms of the constitution and there was no second thought about it.

It may be noted that the decision of rejecting the notice against CJI was not liked by the opposition and they are now trying to challenge the same in the Supreme Court.

Venkaiah says he is right

It was not done in a haste, and we took one months time and after deliberations, with the right people we took the decision the VP explained. He also added that the allegations made against the CJI have no merits and the notice itself looked like an assumption by the Congress and other parties. It is done with due diligence he confirmed.