Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu was very happy that the CMs of Telugu states are trying to sort out the issues amicably. Venkaiah who was in Visakhapatnam talked to the media and exuded confidence that the CM of the Telugu state will resolve issues for the betterment of the people of both the states.

This is a good beginning he opined. Venkaih opined that being the senior KCR would take the lead and guide Jagan the AP CM in all aspects. It may be noted that ever since the state was divided there was no proper coordination between the two states. There were differences between the CMs and no issue was resolved.


Even the intervention of the centre could not resolve the Interstate issues. Now that both the CMs are sitting together and discussing the issues, the people of the Telugu states can expect more of development and happiness in the near future.

It may be noted that KCR the Telangana CM has complained to the centre over the negative attitude of Chandrababu who create hurdles in the process of development especially over the distribution of waters between the two Telugu states. Now that Jagan and KCR are sitting together they are taking over the issues of Krishna and Godavari waters. Venkiah suggested that this positive attitude between the two states must continue for the development of the Telugu people.