M Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India, who was the Chief Guest applauded the crucial role played by the MES, over the years, in the execution of sophisticated and complex projects like airfields, sports complexes, hangars,dockyards, marine structures, etc. and thereby enabling the Indian Armed Forces and their allied agencies in achieving their cherished goals. He paid rich tributes to the MES for undertaking several innovative measures in the field of energy conversation, use of renewable energy and green technology, and solar energy power projects in various parts of the country,as part of its environmental-friendly initiatives.

Sri Venkaiah Naidu said that the job of Military Engineers has been undergoing mind-
boggling changes as the Indian defence infrastructure is moving towards across-the-board modernization in a big way and thereby calling for extensive use of the latest technologies for infrastructure development.Venkaiah Naidu called upon the Military Engineers to keep updating their professional profile in order to ensure that it is in accordance with the dynamic requirements of their stakeholders.

“However, training should not be a one-off affair. Instead, it should be imparted
to officers and others at regular intervals in order to keep their skill sets current and up-to-date”’, he added and called upon the MES Probationers to learn from the best practices within and outside India, from both private as well as the public sector, and strive to reform the procedures and systems for producing outstanding results. He also urged them to maintain a high-level of integrity, commitment, transparency, and accountability.

“In addition to continuously changing systems, procedures, and organization structure todeliver better outcomes, there should be corresponding changes in one’s thinking and
functioning”, Sri Venkaiah Naidu stated.Sri Venkaiah Naidu observed that many of the officers work in their watertight compartments. He, therefore, advised them to work together in unison, complementing and supporting each other with their specific domain experiences in order to attain higher levels of productivity.

Sri J R Garg, DG (Personnel), MES, New Delhi, Sri Anand Srivastava, Chief Engineer, R&D Secunderabad, Sri C P Borkar, Commander, Faculty of Construction Management, College of Military Engineering, Pune, Col Manoj Sharma, Director, Training, MES, New Delhi, and Sri M P Sethy, Chief Consultant (Training & e-Learning) also graced the function.