Venkaiah gives tough time

Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu is giving tough time to the security people. The other day he was in Tirumala and now he will be in Nellore his hometown for Sankranthi.

He is not bothered about security and tours Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh left and right. But the security and protocol people are having a tough time in making the arrangements as he keeps shuttling all the time.

Venkaiah gives tough time

He cannot be in Delhi all the time. He wants to tour Hyderabad, AP and Nellore and the security people have to keep making all the arrangements for his travel and also his stay. He wants to stay simple, but the VP security people have to follow the protocol and other things.

Whenever he is in Hyderabad a long motorcade is seen parked on the road in front of the Jagannath temple. Sometimes the vehicular traffic is diverted to suit the requirement of VP.

Venkaiah keeps addressing somebody or the other wherever he goes. Arrangements have to made as per VPs protocol.

So in all the security people are having a tough time with the VP.