Vasalamarri will get all-round development assures KCR


Vasalamarri will get everything for the development here assured KCR the Chief Minister of Telangana. He has toured in the Dalit areas for about 4 hours and talked to them in person.

Because of Lockdown Dalita Badhu could be not be implemented he explained to the people of the village. Dalits must be united and they should not continue the police cases he suggested.

You have a lot of houses with mud walls KCR pointed out. No one is so far bothered about developing the village he said. The Government will help you with the proper construction of houses KCR assured.

Erravalli was developed earlier with unity and proper strategy among the villagers he explained. Will demolish the entire Vasalamarri and construct a new village in a scientific manner he suggested.

The villagers must come forward for rebuilding the Vasalamarri he said. All the land records will be reviewed and restored to the original owners he assured.

There are 76 Dalit families here and they will get the land he stated. Around 100 acres will be distributed among the Dalits here he explained. Telangana has around 15 lakh Dalit families he said.

All the families must get developed he suggested. The money should not be wasted and one must become self-reliant with this money KCR suggested.

All must come together and get developed in a united fashion he said.