Vangas Devil for Prabhas

sandeep reddy vanga


After Kabir Singh in Bollywood, Sandeep Vanga had good offers to do movies with Ranvir and also Ranvir. The producers of Kabir Singh,T series came forward to produce the film, but later they backed out.

It is reported that Ranbir did not like the storyline and it fizzled out. Now Sandeep Vanga the Arjun Reddy director gave the same storyline to Prabhas and the title has been decided as Devil.

Sandeep is of the opinion that Prabahs can also become a Pan Indian star as he has done Baahubali and Sahoo. The Devil can be released in 5 languages and it makes the project risk free.

Mytri movies and also UV creations will produce the movie with a solid budget it is reported. But Dil Raju has also finalised dates with Prabahs it is reported. At the same time, Asia Movies has also agreed to do a movie with Sandeep Vanga.

Taking these commitments of Vanga and also Prabahs into account we do not know when the Devil is going to begin. It might take easily one years time.

Now the reputation of Vanga and Prabahs is at stake and they have to deliver a hit . Now Prabahs is doing Jaan under the direction of Radhakrishna.