us H1b visa

American President Donald Trump has announced that th H1 B visas will be stopped till December. Analysts say that it is a temporary political decision taking the present political scenario into account.

Political Analysts from America said that it is part of the reelection strategy to attract the attention of employees from America. But the Analysts from India are of the opinion that this decision may not continue for along as the USA needs technical know-how from Indias as well as from other countries.

But it will every disappointing g for the people who’ve been expecting H1 Visas, They have to wait till the next year that is 2021. According to Trump, it is for improving the employment for the locals.

Corona is also cited as one of the reasons so that foreigners can be avoided from entering America. It has to be seen how long this decision sustain.

Meanwhile, Trump will be using everything to win the election. He also needs the votes of Indians staying in America. For this he has to revive the policy of H1 B visa.