Two weeks left for MLC polling :KCR


Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are separate warned K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. The Graduate MLC elections are separate he told the leaders who came to him on Sunday.

First Identify that difference he said. It is not possible to work like in that election now, ”KCR clarified to the core team who were looking after the MLC election this time. Earlier MLC Palla Rajeshwar used to monitor the election. But now he is the candidate.

KCR suggested that graduate voters are limited and that they should be considered separately and approached in person. The TRS leaders were directed to outline the development and welfare programs undertaken by the government in the last six years.

At the same time, he wanted the leaders to repel the evil propaganda of the opposition. For this, they asked to make extensive use of social media as well as other regular media.

He said that every vote registered on behalf of TRS should go to the party candidate. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy said that the first priority vote should be won and the strategy should be designed and implemented in this direction.

He said the ministers would be in-charge of the joint district-wise areas under the ‘Warangal’ MLC position. At the constituency level, the MLAs suggested that all of them should carry out their responsibilities and coordinate with the leaders.

He said that so far everyone has worked well and directed to work more actively as there are only 14 days left for polling. When it comes to Hyderabad MLC it is between BJP and TRS. Both are Brahmin candidates. When it comes to Warangal the TRS has the edge over the BJP candidate.