TTD shocker to pilgrims


The Pilgrims at Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthnam were in for a shock when they were charged double for the accommodation that they have taken in advance. The Rs 500 and Rs 600 rooms were charged with Rs 1000.

That means the charges have been doubled.

There was no prior intimation on that account. Even the web site of the TTD has old rates on display. The board meeting which was held earlier also did not discuss the same.

Pilgrims are of the opinion that hike of Rs 100 or Rs 200 is ok. But just doubling the charges without proper intimation and collecting the same for the people who have advance booking is just illegal.


The new Chairman of the TTD said that he would reduce the commercial style on the TTD. But he just making it doubly commercial. Now it is reported that in future in the name of renovation the rooms which cost Rs 100 would be blocked and the accommodation on TTD will come down for some time.

This is nothing but putting the pilgrims to trouble in the name of renovation. Then the tariff of the rooms in Tirupathi will go up and the hotels in Tirupathi will also hike the Tariffs.

On the whole, it will be a great inconvenience to the pilgrims coming for long distances. It would be wise on the part of Chairman the board members to think twice before they rise any Tariff on the TTD.

Lord Balaji should not be commercialised at any cost.