The TTD paisa vasool

You go for Lord Balaji darshan with all Bhakti. But at TTD in the sanctum sanatorium in front of the Lord you are forced to give money.

I went to the Lord very early in the morning with VVIP tag but was forced to stand in front of the Lord for some extra time by a policeman with all the respect and was later forced to pay him.

All that he did was to make me stop in front of the lord for Darshan for extra time by the side and asked for something.

I gave him a Rs 500 note. Some ladies on duty stopped my wife and asked her something again. She gave them Rs 100 note for allowing her to stand before the lord for some more time.

They stop you and then take money in the dark and then let you go away despite paying for the ticket.

Everything comes here with a price even when you dont ask for it. Some, good people will help you for Darshan, then you are given more freedom in the sanctum sanctorum before the lord, but collections are done.

If you have money and clout everything is possible. But on the whole, Tirumala is clean and tidy. The maintenance is good.

Someone should try and stop this bribing, frisking and begging business inside the temple before the diety. It’s shameful that people are begging for money in the Temple by stopping the pilgrims.

Even the free small laddus given as prasadam in the temple were sold to me without asking. A hand full of small laddus were thrust on me extra for Rs 100.

The Suprabhatham darhsanam is already very good, but still, they force you to stand there for some more time and finally beg for money.

This is not right.

The TTD paisa vasool