ttd laddu

There is a widespread discontentment that the value of he TTD Laddu is being diluted and it si being supplied in the form of a sweet. Earlier there was huge demand for the Laddu prasaadam.

But now the TTD has announced that they would supply a lakh of Laddus also a time if one can give the order in advance. If this i the case then it will lose it value and sanctity some of the pilgrims are saying.

They are suggesting that it should ot be commercialised. The Laddu should not be sold on a commercial basis and it should not be treated as a means of income to the TTD.

Reducing the rate is also not right. Raising the rate was a big mistake and now reducing the same will decrease its value. It was not right on the part of the TTD board to sell the prasadam in the name of a discount.

There are pilgrims who travel to the TTD all the way for just the Laddu Prasadam. If it is sol on the streets what kind of sanctity it will have the question.

Fixing the rate at Rs 25 is good, but it should not be sold on the streets like a regular sweet. They must maintain some sanctity to the Prasadam.