TTD Laddu

The TTD has reduced eh Laddu Prasadam rate to Rs 25 only. Earlier the rate was raised to Rs 50 but now they want to sell the Prasadam at all the Laddu counters across the country in the TTD centres at Just Rs 25 only.

This was announced by the TTD Chairman SV Subbareddy. He addressed the Press where he announced that they are trying ot restart the darshan of the Lod soon.

It is already two months that the TTD was closed for Darshan to the regular Pilgrims. Ther is n financial problem for the TTD at all for the salaries and other payments the Chairman Clarified.

TTD Chairman

The loss will be there as there is no collection of regular Hundi in the Temples. But E hundi is fetching money on a regular basis. Around 2 core was collected by e hundi. That is donations on an electronic basis.

Daily 10000 people will be allied for Darsha and there will be no waiting in the Temple. Time slot darshan will be allied and it would be over in a matter of one hour.

Markings have been made for the physical distancing of the pilgrims here. A two arm length of distance is maintained and a white line is marked. The pilgrims have to stand on the white lines before moving for the darshan and also for purchasing the Prasadma that is laddu here at the TTD.

The buses are filled with half he capacity while going to the 7 hills for Lord’s darshan.