Trump using Malaria tablets


USA president Donald Trump is using teh Malaria medicine which has been imported from India. He has been using his medicine for the last ten days.

Trump is not having any Corona symptoms, but he is using the Hydraxi Chloquin in sin gel doses. On the other hand, the American medical experts have stated that malaria medicines not good for Corona,. But Trump is using the same.

He has ignored the suggestion of medical experts. He is using zinc tablets also as safety measures. I have taken malaria medicine to prevent Corona and also far I seem to be OK Trump announced. Some doctors have also taken he confirmed.

This is as a safety measures he is taking he medicine. He is 73 years old. It may be noted that Trump thanked the Indian Government for sending h e anti-malaria medicine to America.

Ameria is of the worst suffering countries in the world due to the Corona. There is a talk that Trump has failed to implement the lockdown. The delay has resulted in many deaths.

Now Trump is very eager to end the lockdown and continue with the business as usual in USA. He has also come to the conclusion that we have to live with Corona and that there is no other way.