A story in the Politico magazine has revealed that USA President has proposed to look for a girl to get the Indian Priminister married if he was interested. This happened when they met together in a meeting on bilateral issues. Of course, this was just in a lighter vein that Trump proposed to Modi.


But the news is making waves and it highlights the high handed behaviour of Trump.
There was a joke on Modi’s second marriage proposed by President Trump and it was viral on the social media. There is also a talk that whenever he is on a foreign jaunt Modi misbehaves with the foreign dignitaries and sometimes oversteps while talking to them misbehaves also.

In one way he does not present himself properly at all it was stated. It is reported that the white house officials have briefed Trump that Modi the Indian PM was not staying with his wife and he stays alone.


Taking this into account Trump has proposed Modi to get married and he was ready to search a girl for him. We do not know if he was serious, but later it was a dubbed as a joke and done in a lighter vein by the Trump.