We have seen Temples for our local leaders, but a grocery seller by name Krish from Bachchannapet of Janagaon has constructed a Temple for the American President Donald Trump.

We do not know if people in America or the lawmakers know about this.The local politicians were surprised that Krish was worshipping the bust of Trump on a daily basis.

Krish is of the opinion that Trump is a great leader and speaks openly. He was happy to note that Trump is coming to India and will be in Gujarat. If there was a chance he wants to meet Trump in person and praise him.


Lets hope Trump will get this information of the Temple where he is being worshipped like a god on a daily basis. The 7 feet tall statue of Trump in blue suit attracts people passing by.

It is reported that Trump has seen the Temple constructed from him on Twitter and promised Krish that he would visit the same soon.