Trump says it is Chinese Virus

USA President Donald Trump said that it is a Chinese Virus. He confirmed that the Corona Virus originated from the Virology Lab of Yuan.

Majority of the American officials call it a Chinese Virus.

This was confined by Trump the President in a press meet. It looks like the FBI has confined that the Corona Virus has originated from the Chine Virology lab. Now it has to be said if that was done wantonly or was it an accidental thing.

The investigation is going on.

But now Chinese sources are trying got make allegations that the American Army had done that and was blamed on the Chinese lab. Some there’s say that China has done this to prove that they are number one and superpower in the world.

Will his lead to a war between China and America is another rumour going on across the world. Now America has almost succeeded in nailing that the Corona Virus has originated from China and ruined the world heath and economy in a big way.