Trump morally unfit to be the President!

Donald Trump the US President is morally unfit to be the President stated former FBI director James Comey who was dropped by the Trump recently. Comey said that the Russians had material which they use to blackmail the president.

Comey compared the governance of Trump with that of Mafia and that the rule was like a forest fire. He also charged that there is evidence that Trump has in fact committed a crime.

President Trump does not reflect the values of USA Comey explained.

Trump morally unfit to be the President!

Trump tweeted against Comey alleging that Comey revealed classified information and lied to the Congress. Trump, however, denied allegations made by Comey.

Trump wrote that Comey was not smart and will go down as the worst FI director in America. But Comey gave a 5-hour interview to a channel blasting the President left and right. Comey believes that there could be material evidence with Moscow against Trump and the would use the same to blackmail him.

Comey also revealed that the e-mail investigation on Hillary has probably made her the election against Trump and she was poised to win the election.