USA President Donald Trump has fought with the media once again. There was a heated argument between a CNN reporter and Trump. The reporter asked a question and then tried to follow it up with another when the mike was grabbed. Trump who could not take the question properly shouted that’s enough. He opined that the media was giving all the negative coverage to the government and they are not reporting on the developing economy and the positive side of the Government.

From the beginning, Trump has been facing a hostile media according to his own assessment. The reporter asked about a caravan of migrants moving to the US border from Latin America. It was Jim Acosta who raised the question and the mike was taken away by the US authorities when the second follow up question was raised. Trump probably did not like the question.


The white house press secretary Sarah accused Jim the reporter for placing his hands on the white house staff a young lady who was trying to do her job in taking away the mike from the reporter. Trump opined that the media was responsible for divisive politics in America.

This is not the first time that Trump has fought with the media. Ever since he took over as the president, Trump was accusing media of negative cover for him and also the Government. There were reports that he would be impeached.