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Former President of USA Obama and Present Chief of America Trump lashed out at each other over the way things are going on. In a meeting, Obama the former President opined that the present rulers cold not control the Corona which resulted in many deaths.

It could have been avoided he opined. Taking this into serious consideration, Trump lashed out at Obama saying that he was useless president and did not do anything for the country.

The former President Obama did not name Trump directly for the present state of affairs and the crisis going on in America which is popular as a superpower.

There is a widespread opinion across the World that the American President did not act on time in containing the Corona Virus. People who are at the responsible positions in America have ot taken the right decisions in containing the COVID, Obama stated.

But Trump openly commented against Obama that he was a useless President. The news is viral on the web. We have to see if the war of words continues or will they keep quiet .