Trump and his over expectations



We are talking in lakhs, and USA President Trump is counting in Millions. Trump is expecting around 10 million crowds. That means Trump is expecting people in crores.

But here we are not even getting a crore of Crowd for Trump’s arrival apart from the meeting at the Motara stadium. Trump says yes to business first and then says no.

If not a business, then what is this trou for. Is it for politics is the big question. Some of them are saying that Trump is touring India to woo the Indian voters in USA for the coming election.

No doubt Modi can influence the Indians in foreign countries to some extent. The Trump election is spared for November and the USA President is slowly working on it.

It is reported that Russia is also interested in getting Trump back to power. Even in the earlier election, Russia seems to have helped come to power for the first time it is reported.

Before Trump arrives to India, it should be made clear to his officers that the crow will be in lakhs not more than a crore.