The TRS has won over 1000 wards out of the 2727 wards in the Municipal elections. The TRS is leading in more than 85 municipalities. The Congress has won around 294 wards.

The BJP has won around 137 wards while others are poised to win around 200 wards.

The could win around 5 municipalities with great difficulty and the BJP is nowhere when it comes to the Municipalities. The BJP will easily cross the 100 mark when it comes to the Municipalities.

The ex officio members of the Municipalities will get them more municipalities and it is confirmed.
In some areas, the Congress is ahead when compared to BJP. The BJP is unable to give tough competition to the Congress and the TRS. Congress is a distant second in this election.

We can say that it is a clean sweep for the TRS in the municipalities. The TRS has done well in North and South Telangana. On 27 Mayor and Deputy Chairmans will be elected.

The election will be done with the sealed cover. The TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao is set to address the media this evening on the victory of the Municipalities.

When it comes to Hyderabad and its outskirts, TRS and BJP have done well. Congress is nowhere. Overall the Congress and the BJP could not give any tough competition to the ruling TRS.