Trivikram made Vakeel Saab a reality


Dil Raju gave all the credit to Trivikram Srinivas the ace director for making Vakeel Saab a reality. Dil Raju explained that it was Trivikram who convinced Pawan to do the movie.

It was Trivikram who showed the Pink Tamil Teaser to Pawan and got the appointment for Dil Raju. Finally, the movie is getting released on 9nth April.

This was revealed by Dil Raju during the pre release function. Even Pawan Kalyan thanked Trivikram for suggesting this movie with Dil Raju. Venu Sriram is the director and he profusely thanked Pawan for giving him an opportunity.

Thanam is giving the music for the first time to Pawan Kalyan. Pawan gave him the next movie also which is a remake of the Tamil.

Talking here at the pre-launch function, Pawan said that he will continue to do the films and opined that it was better than making pyravis and running gambling dens.

Making movies is not corruption he reminded the leaders who were making statements against him. Being a film actor was better than running corrupt politics.