Tollywood celebrates Akhanda success!


Perhaps for the first time, all groups of the Film Industry are celebrating the success of the Akhanda movie. It is not for the sake of Balakrishna the Hero, but it is for the sake of other movies.

There is no doubt that the producers of Akhanda have taken a risk by releasing the movie taking the lead after the two waves of Corona. One must have the confidence to release the movie when all others are ducking and waiting for the opportune time.

One must pat Balakrishna also for agreeing to release the movie at this crucial hour when people are not coming to the theatres. Thanks to the intensity of the movie, people are coming to the theatres.

They are enjoying themselves in the theatres after a long time. We hear people shouting and whistling in the theatres after a long time. Maybe after a gap of two years.

The film producers are expecting the same trend to continue. We have big-ticket films coming in January. Akhanda has already collected around 70 crores and is poised to make around 100 crores easily. Just after the trailer Balakrishna signed 4 movies and started shooting also.